Sweet Abundance

I met with a dear friend of mine yesterday at Martha’s Bakery in Forest Hills.  On my way to meeting my friend I couldn’t help but think about the history of our friendship.  I met her when I first started on my path to becoming a photographer.  Her boyfriend, now her husband, led these photography meet up groups that I attended regularly.  That was about four years ago and I never would’ve known at the time that our friendship would grow into what it is today.

I experienced a sweet feeling of gratitude for the friendships and the people I have in my life right now.  A treasure that I’ve always had but it went unnoticed for a long time until now.  It’s like reaching your hands into your pockets and pulling out a crisp twenty dollar bill that you didn’t know you had. Our lives are rich with abundance that we’ve created for ourselves over the years.  When changes take place in our lives it sometimes clouds our ability to see the treasures that exist in our lives.  But the beauty is that it is always there waiting for you to find it.

Reach into the pockets of your life.  What treasures will you find…?

See Beauty…


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!