30 Days of Gratitude | A Journey...

30 days ago when I first decided to start this gratitude practice, I was in my office at home.  When I looked around me back then, I saw these things; window to the left of me, white walls to the right, behind me is my library of books, and underneath my feet is the hardwood floor.   Today, thirty days later I have those same things around me but somehow, I now see them very differently.  The same window to the left of me lets in a beautiful cast of golden sunlight that lights up the room in such an invigorating way.  I see the white walls to the left, are well…still white, but now I notice the cast of hazy shadows that move across the wall reflecting from the sun as it moves positions in the sky.  The colorful stream of books on the shelf remind me of how much I love to read and immerse myself in the words on the pages.  I notice the hardwood floor beneath me and how it creaks in certain places when I walk.  It is a sound that has become familiar in my mind and now comforts me.

And for all of this, I AM GRATEFUL.

Expressing gratitude has become a forgotten act where life for a lot of us, myself included, has become a race to just get through the day.  It is the in between moments when we’re racing from one thing to the next that cause us to miss out on the things that truly bring us happiness.  These last 30 days, I’ve witnessed a transformation in myself that allowed me to slow down and acknowledge everything around me and be thankful for it.  The handmade red flower given to me from a dear friend, my mother’s smile, my steps as I walked through leaves, my morning journal; they all hold a special place in my life.  

It was so inspiring to see that many of you joined in this months gratitude practice and captured photos of what you were grateful for.  Desiree was grateful for the beauty she saw in nature as well as her fresh tulips (see image above)!  Thanks Desiree for sharing!  Some of you even inspired others to join in this months practice.  When you express love and gratitude in your life, that energy naturally spreads to others until it becomes who we are instead of just what we do. If you’ve started a gratitude practice this month, please continue on and bring the element of gratefulness into the everyday.  And for those of you who want to start your own practice of gratitude, it’s never too late!

30 Days of Gratitude…and beyond!


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See Beauty…


*One last thing! If you're continuing your gratitude practice, I'd love to see the things you are grateful for in your life.  I invite you to post your gratitude images on my fanpage!