Never Settling, Always Growing

So lately I’ve been exploring this thing called “change” because I’ve been experiencing a whole lot of it these past few months.  The end of the year usually represents a time of stillness and personal reflection.  But it seems like this time, the universe has something else in store for me. 

I’ve been experiencing change in a variety of forms.  The kind of change that comes up behind me, taps me on the shoulder and gives me a warm hug.  And also the kind that approaches from behind like a sneak attack completely unsuspecting and slaps me in the face.

Last weekend, I shot my last wedding of the year.  It was a wedding that allowed me to bring out everything I had learned in nearly four years of shooting weddings in just ten hours.  At the end of the night, I hugged Nadine & Derrek a second or two longer than usual knowing in my heart that they were my last wedding clients of 2011.  Their wedding day was extra special to me because on a deeper level, it symbolized to me how much I’ve grown professionally as a photographer but more so, how much I’ve evolved as a person.    I was a photographer, an organizer, a director, a people-wrangler, a technician, a problem solver, a friend.   These were the type of roles that I was once scared or intimidated to play during the beginning of my photography career but have now stepped into fully.  Something I am so grateful to take with me as I continue to move forward.

Sometimes life calls you to step up and change the way you see yourself.  That change can be warm and gentle but it can also be difficult and painful.  However change comes into your life, it is designed in a way that ushers us into our own strength and creates a new mold of our authentic selves.

Change is new.  Change is hard.  Change is love.  Change is a floating feather that never settles in one spot before being swept up again.  

See Beauty…


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