Wedding Day Fit for Two | NYC Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Generous, compassionate, playful, worldly, supportive, loving, down-to-earth.  These are the best words I choose to describe Nadine & Derek and their entire family. Their wedding celebration was so inspiring to see. It was a joining of two cultures into one big family and watching the joy spread exponentially.

Nadine’s family joined her on Skype all the way from Lebanon.  She excitedly twirled around in her wedding dress for them minutes before seeing her new husband. 

I absolutely adore this photo of Nadine!  She looks so incredibly happy!  Derek and Nadine just have this amazing chemistry together that you just have to see it to describe it.


We set off for the Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn to get the party started.  And get the party started they did!


Thank you, thank you, thank you to Nadine & Derek for just being their amazing selves.  To be among them and their family was such a great gift!

And I also absolutely must thank my second shooter and good friend John Tecson.  He is an amazingly talented street photographer.  I found his street photographer "eye" to be an awesome compliment to my work as a lifestyle photographer.  

Cheers to all!

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