Find Yourself on The Inspired Way

Passion.  Inspiration.  Purpose.


Does hearing these words create a warm feeling of comfort and ease for you?  Or do they remind you of that tugging feeling you have in your heart that yearns to venture.  At the very least, I hope hearing these words lead you to take a closer look within yourself to see what is bursting to come out.  Ask yourself… 

What would it be like to live an inspired, purpose-driven life?


A lot of people talk about finding your passion or living a life filled with purpose, but have you ever wondered what it takes to actually do it?

My friend and colleague Kate Watson and I, asked some of the most inspirational, creative women we know, including:

  • Wise Living coach, writer and author, Tara Mohr,
  • Photographer and creator of You Are Your Own Muse workshop, Vivienne McMaster,
  • Founder of the wellness and creativity program Meditative Arts, Michelle Currie,
  • Photographer, writer, and founder of online community Shutter Sisters, Tracey Clark,
  • Photographer, writer, & creator of contemplative photography workshops, Kim Ort,
  • Community builder, storyteller and consultant, Desiree Adaway,
  • Teacher, writer, and woman behind Sophia Leadership, Heather Plett

And, in January, we’re going to share their answers with you!


We are thrilled to announce The Inspired Way, a free eBook filled with inspirational guidance and motivation from these amazing women and many more.  It is designed to help you open up to your full potential, discover your passions and live your life with purpose.

To be the first to receive this new book, simply fill out the form below and we’ll send it to you as soon as it’s ready. And join us in January for our launch party. Stay tuned for details!

See Beauty…


Update: Our original title, Inspired Path, is a registered trademark of someone else. We have changed our title to The Inspired Way, but the inspiration and content remain the same.