Guest Post: Choose Creating over Consuming

Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Courtney Carver from Be More with Less

We are all artists. We are all consumers. If you look at a typical day, you can clearly identify consumption.

You might consume by...

- Stopping for coffee on your way to work
- Filling up your gas tank
- Going to the mall for another pair of shoes
- Grabbing a quick lunch
- Mailing a package at the post office
- Purchasing a veggie tray for a party
- Picking up a bottle of wine for the weekend

Being an artist might not be as recognizable. When do you create and contribute? It might be as obvious as taking beautiful pictures, writing thoughtful words, drawing, painting or singing something soothing.

Or you might create by...

- Braiding your daughters hair before school
- Making yourself a colorful salad to bring to bring to work
- Experimenting with a different color of eye shadow
- Trying a new vegetarian recipe
- Decluttering a room to create space
- Canceling an appointment to create time

Your creations make you an artist. Everything you create is a contribution. Redirect your focus from shopping to re-purposing, from collecting to letting go. If you had more time and space, could you create and contribute more?

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PHOTO CREDIT: Courtney Carver