Rob, Suited Up| Portraits | Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York

Ahhh my new muse; welcome him to the blog everyone!  Meet Rob, AKA my boyfriend, AKA my new muse.  Bless his heart, I'm so glad he let's me use him when I need to practice my shooting. 

I took him to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a fun casual shoot.  I hadn’t been there before, I only drove past it so this time I was excited to discover some place new.  Unnnnnfortunately, they wouldn’t let us into the actual navy yard to do photos BUT the neighboring streets had some pretty interesting backdrops.

I wanted his photo shoot to encompass style, personality, and a tinge of rugged professionalism.  To capture these elements, I went for images that highlighted color and facial expressions to help bring out the mood of the scene. So about two hours later, here’s what we came up with!

This is my second favorite!  This warehouse was the perfect backdrop filled with varying colors and textures.  There seems to be mixing themes going on here; grittiness and poise.  It expresses to me "adaptation"; adapting to your surroundings.

And this is my absolute favorite!  We actually saw this area after the shoot from the car while driving into Manhattan.  How perfect is this message?!!  Those words meant something to the both of us which is why it worked so well for the shot.  I saw it as one of those little detail reminders that show up every now and then to help us take notice of our lives and surroundings.

Working with Rob for this shoot was a great experience.  It allowed me to try some new things with my shooting style and mindfully create images that represent his individuality.   

When the urge to create calls,  you have to answer!  Stay tuned for my next photo shoot with more creative concepts!

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