Inayah (Part II), Flower Child | Portraits | Washington Square Park, NYC

So you may have seen this little lady before; here she is again.  Inayah; my star budding actress, transformed into a whimsical flower child for this bohemian inspired photo shoot.  What better location to pull off this look than in Washington Square Park, NYC.  A haven of sun bathers, street performers, and passerby’s from all walks of life with an eclectic sense of fashion.

We wandered around various sections of the park, in some instances being chased off of the grass by park security (sigh, what we go through all in the name of creating art). 

Inayah has a natural ability to completely adapt to her environment; without hesitation, she completely soaks in everything around her so that her presence fits in perfectly with her surroundings.  It's my guess that this is a strong quality to have in the field of performing arts.  I give you...Inayah.


This last photo was taken as we were wrapping up the shoot.  As she sat and crossed her legs with such poise; it was exciting to see the beautiful simplicity in this pose :).

I'd like to thank Washington Square Park for providing the beautiful energetic scenery, the sunny weather for giving us another reason to smile, and last but not least Inayah for being absolutely the best during this shoot :)!

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