Fear, Your Faithful Travel Companion | Personal Reflections

This tiny four letter word has so much power over us and works to keep us confined into safe boxes free from hurt, rejection, and most of all failure.  If someone was to come and magically take away all of our fearful emotions, would we be better off?  My guess is probably not.  Fear has been with us since the dawn of time and alerted us to danger when we sensed something was wrong.  But at what point did the element of fear completely take over and prevent us from accomplishing something remarkable?

In my thirty years on this earth, I still haven’t figured out how my fears have managed to come in and completely rattle me to the core.  Trust me, it happens a lot.  From the smallest task of killing a spider to the risks I take every day on my journey to following my dreams.  Fearful thoughts have always been right next to me like an annoying travel companion yapping in my ear about all the things that could go wrong.  Well, here’s the thing and I learned this the hard way; fear will never go away.  It just won’t no matter how hard you try by either suppressing it or talking it away with catch phrases like “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself”.  And while that may be true, there are more effective ways to keep your fears in check.  The sooner we can understand where they come from, listen to them, and then take mindful actions in response to it, the sooner our power and strength can return to us.  Through love and positivity, you can actively channel fear from a feeling of deep worry to an energy that serves as a reminder of your potential for greatness.  Fear that keeps you in a bind and unable to move can be transformed into something useful creating a clear roadway so that action can ensue. 

Each and every person is uniquely capable of accomplishing something great.  Sometimes that great accomplishment is the very act of conquering your fears...


See Beauty...


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