Slowing Down | Personal Reflections

The gentle wind blows through my windows causing the curtains to ripple softly.  At my desk just two feet away, the movement and soft breeze catches my attention.  I walk over to the window and realize I hadn’t been outdoors all day meanwhile all my emails have been checked, phone calls made, and client orders fulfilled.  As I stood there by the window looking out into the world, my eyebrows start to  un-furrow, my jaw loosens, and my lips curl up to a soft smile.  I close my eyes taking in the sunlight from the window and the sounds coming in from outside; suddenly the racing thoughts start to melt away and I can hear my own breath again.   

In a world where being “productive” is a state we are constantly in, we lose that sense of just being.  The rush to get it all done as quickly as possible fills us with a false sense of accomplishment.  But there is a bigger need that needs to be filled; the need for you to reconnect with your inner selves. And that happens when you slow down, just be in the moment, and do the things that matter the most to you. 

Before you click off this post, close your eyes and breathe five breaths. At the end of the fifth breath, smile and open your eyes.

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