Good To Be Back | Personal Reflections

There’s something about the sunrise that gives warmth and recognition of a new day. This is the sense I got as the plane made it’s way towards NYC at 6 o’clock this morning.  I spent the last five days in Cabo Mexico and on the 5th day, I found myself missing the feeling of wearing my comfy teal blue robe and sipping my favorite herbal tea while sitting on the couch.  It’s just the little things that you start missing when you’ve been away for too long.

Cabo certainly did not disappoint with its sun-filled mountainous rocky terrain, miles and miles of ocean with the famous Los Cabos Arch in the distance, and finally putting my limited Spanish into practice while conversing with the beautiful people of Mexico.  It certainly was a place where I could release stale thoughts and let in new experiences that led me to truly seeing the beauty of this world.  

But (insert deep breath), it’s good to be back home.  In the following days I’ll have tons to share with you all!  The wedding of Kristy & Jeremy, Neil’s surprise engagement to Monica, annnnd a photo competition announcement!  I’ll have all the details for ya soon!

Happy Thursday!

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