The Power of Friendships | Personal Reflections

It’s amazing how two people who met over ten years ago, become bff’s, drift apart because of life’s current, and then come together again more dynamically than before.  Yesterday I reunited with my dear friend from middle school.  Back then I remembered her for her beaming personality, beautiful ear-to-ear smile, and infectious laugh that made me always laugh along with her.  It was so refreshing to see her again in that same light and even more in an life-has-been-good-to-me sort of way!  Seeing her was the spark I needed to take a trip down memory lane to reconnect with all of the people and experiences that made me who I am today.  Talking with her showed me how differently our paths in life have taken us.  But that no matter who we become, life always brings you back full circle and puts you back in touch with those who loved and supported you.

Everyday, we go through life, faced with so many decisions and experiences that have the potential to change things at a moment’s notice.  Life ushers us by and sometimes pushes us further away from the things, and in this case, people, that matter the most.  But somehow solid friendships with those that have helped to shape and mold you, are truly one of those things in life that will never leave you.

"A friend is one before whom I may think out loud". - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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