See Beauty...; Friday's | Clear The Mental Fog

Yes, I am a momma’s girl.  Whenever she flies into town to visit with me I get all sorts of excited because I know it can only mean all three of these things: homecooking, girl talk, and homecooking.  She and I talk on the phone almost every day.  When I’m having a bad day - I call her.  When I’m having a good day – I call her.  And even just because – I call her. 

Last year around this time, I went through sort of a bitter sweet milestone in my life; a job loss.  Bitter because…well, I lost my job.  And sweet because…wow, I lost my job!!  It was my opportunity to turn my part time passion of photography into full time.  Still, it was a big transition filled with hope, fear, and optimism.  My mother saw that and although she was concerned for me, she rooted me on. 

I received a letter from her at that time that read:

 “…I see your strength and courage in the midst of change. You are now owning your new endeavor.  You are an inspiration to me and I know you will be to others.  I see “your beauty”.”

I cried that day as I read her words; it was exactly what I needed to hear.  Even now that card still sits on my desk. 

I took comfort in re-reading this letter earlier this week to help clear the mental fog I was going through.  Whenever I have moments of doubt or question my path, I refer to those words my mom wrote to me that day.  She continues to root me on.

This is a shot I took of my mom last month :).


I share this letter with you all because, well, maybe you are going through your own mental fog right now and may need to hear these words.  The universe will put challenges and obstacles in our paths that force us to step into our own inner strength.  This is the only way we will know what we are truly capable of.  Keep on your path towards greatness. 

See Beauty…