Creative Inspiration | Unconquerable; An eBook Review

Part of being a photographer or artist of any kind, means always being open to inspiration.  As we all know, inspiration can come in many forms whether it is creative or personal inspiration.  Pictures in a museum, someone we look up to, and words written in a book can all be taken as creative or personal inspiration.  I try to have a steady balance in these forms of inspiration but this summer has been a heavy reading season for me.  There’s nothing better in the summer time than cozying up to a good book (or in this case, a good eBook) and letting the inspiration just flow in.  Last week, in between latte’s at Starbucks, I popped open my laptop to read an eBook from one of my favorite ladies on the web; Desiree Adaway.

I first discovered Desiree Adaway early this year when I began reading her blog.  Every post seemed to spark an insightful reflection of my personal and professional journey.  It was no different with this eBook that was recently released this summer called Unconquerable.  Unconquerable is a short 27-page eBook full of guidance, empowerment, and inspiration for anyone who desires to live a life of purpose and passion. Desiree’s voice comes through as very nurturing yet firmly nudges you with a kick-in-the-pants that dares you to answer the call of your heart.  The eBook creates a vision of what this world would look like if we were to step into our path towards greatness.

Unconquerable is an inspirational collection of affirmations designed in the spirit to motivate you to think, speak, act, and create with purpose and passion.  As someone who is re-discovering herself and her art on a daily basis, I found this eBook to be a resourceful addition to my journey. In order for one to truly create work in this world that is meaningful and fulfilling, you must first start from within.  Unconquerable taps into area’s that act as personal roadblocks, which prevent us operating at our fullest potential.  How many times have we given into doubting our creativity and role as an artist?  I for one have lost count.  There is a section on “Doubt” in the eBook that helps to put it all in perspective. 

The line that resonated the most with me from Unconquerable is this: “…if the work that I do and the choices I make are not helping to heal the world, than I will leave”.  That it is a powerful statement that if followed can help develop strength and deeper purpose in our professions.

This eBook was my little ray of inspiration last week and I’m so happy to pass it along to you. I hope that it can spark motivation and empower you in your journey.

What did you get from reading the eBook, Unconquerable?

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