Great Acts of Love | Matt & Megan | NYC Surprise Proposal


On July 16th, I witnessed two people go from being in a three year committed relationship to planning out the rest of their lives.  The proposal seemed to happened in the blink of an eye and then the moment passed. Then came the tingly feeling in their stomach, the excitement, the brightness that exuded from Megan’s eyes.  It’s a feeling that should last forever.  I got to watch it all unfold from an outside perspective and capture the moment so it can be relived time and time again.  But the moment doesn’t have to end.  That is what’s so powerful about photography and the work I do.  My hope is that when Matt & Megan look at these images, all of the feelings they had at the time will come rushing back. 

I was let into their world to see something real and truly special. They gave me their trust, vulnerability, and let their walls down for the sake of something bigger; each other. They showed me what they see in one another everyday; and that’s love.  Matt brought Megan all the way to New York City to show her how much he loves and cares for her.  During the planning stages of this surprise proposal, I listened as Matt described Megan as a beautiful person inside and out who is so deserving of great things.  They are so lucky to have each other.

On that evening, they performed a great act of love.  And it is from that act, their love will continue to grow and spread wherever they go.

Congratulations Matt & Megan!!

See Beauty…


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