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I remember the day when my mom and I were at the Chinese food buffet restaurant off route 347 highway in Long Island.  That was the day I finally told her that I had plans of finding my own apartment in New York City and would be moving out on my own for the first time.  I was so nervous telling her this news.  There I was fidgeting with the straw wrapper and taking sips from my glass of ice water every two minutes.  My mother saw right through me and could tell I was nervous; I think she even found it a bit funny.  To me, it was so nerve wracking to tell my mom that I didn't want to live in the house that was passed down by my late grandmother.  Mom would be moving to Florida eventually and rather than sell the house to strangers, she wanted to keep it in the family.  I was deeply honored by the idea of even living in the house that used to belong to my grandmother; a house that she fought so hard to get and keep.  But deep down, I knew that living in Long Island and starting my life out there was not what I wanted for myself.  After living with my family for so many years, it was time for me to move on.  My mother understood that and she supported my decision to go off on my own; she knew I was ready to unfold. That was back in 2007.

Some time after that conversation, she gave me a poem written on a piece of paper.  Fast forward to two days ago, I found that poem burried underneath a stack of papers . 

Stand back and watch me. I'm getting ready to unfold!

I've decided to let my spirit go free. I'm ready to become the woman I was meant to be. I'll always be somebody's Daugther, Mother, Sister. I've already

been somebody's Wife, Friend, Lover. And now it's time for me to take charge of my life. I've been pondering all this time trying to decide just who I am.

At first I thought it depended on whether I had a man. Then I had the notion that simply because others had more seniority, they could decide who I was.

I played all the roles that were expected of me and I seldom asked why.

I've had my wings closed up, but now I'm ready to fly. I've been awakened and I finally see the light. I'm about to make some changes

and set a few things right.

With my new attitude and the knowledge I possess. I may create a whole new world order and clean up all this mess.

Stand back and watch me. I'm getting ready to unfold.

See beauty...


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