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Please welcome my dear Twitter friend and artist, Tracey Chan to our See Beauty...™ Friday series.  Tracey is a champion for the art world; sharing her journey, her work, and her heart in her community.  She has an beautiful ability to see beyond the surface and capture the spirit of her creations. I have always been a fan of her work and it is my sincere pleasure to have her here.

In her own words, here is Tracey:


Today I woke up and I was facing the window side of the room. The light streamed gently down the wall from under bamboo blinds in a peaceful gradient; light to darkness. The sun was blazing outside, but the graceful sunshine filtered dreamily. With groggy eyes, I lay there for a while thinking about how gorgeous that small vignette was, and being grateful that I could see it. And this is my life; made up of these little beautiful moments in the simple things.

Making a photograph requires delicate obedience to my heart. I try to take as few images as possible, pretending as much as I can that it’s a film camera. I have neither rules nor technical ability, but rely on instinct. The first part is seeing something and then figuring out whether it’s worth taking a photo. I take a deep breath just before the shot, and exhale deeply. In that empty moment, magic happens. It’s just a second, but that’s just enough time. In another creature’s world perhaps a second is its lifetime. Another set of magic happens at the elimination stage, where you have 100 photos and you have to choose 10. That process can be heart-breaking, but it’s good to let go of the excess. It even makes life easier.

My mother said one day, “You know you live in a fantasy world most of the time”. I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I said, “okay”. I try to keep my responses as neutral as possible because the blank stare is the same no matter what the response. She is a Horse, and I am a Monkey in the Chinese horoscope. Apparently this is not a good combination. I prefer nature over humans most of the time. It’s not that I don’t like humans, but I enjoy solace and space. Nature tends to speak in whatever way it can, silently, subtly or in glaring violence. It is in the unseen that beauty thrives. You just have to slow down and open your eyes.

See Beauty...


Submission by: Tracey Chan is a Trinidadian interdisciplinary visual artist and writer living and working in Trinidad. | Selected works: | Photo blog: 

*Note: The above pictures are property of Tracey Chan, please do not copy without permission.


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