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I've had the true pleasure of meeting Grace during my trip to Paris earlier this year.  Believe me when I say she is one of the most sweetest people I've ever met.  I admire her spunk and energy; she has such dedication and passion towards her craft.  I'm so happy to share her story here with you on today's See Beauty...™ feature.  Coming all the way from India, everyone, please welcome Grace!

*Please Note: Grace Mz gie is originally from Indonesia.  Although her post contains grammatical errors, I chose to leave it as is because I feel her words express a heartfelt sentiment that needs no translation.* 


I see beauty in my dreams. I've always wanted to go to India, to stay and working there for a while since I was 15. Anyway, it all begun few months ago where I went to Scott Robert Lim's International workshop at Paris. I had no idea who Scott was but one of my photographer friends referred me to him. The first thing caught my attention is Paris, then I saw his images and the comments on his page is actually surprised me. Those who went to his workshop said it's "a life-changing experience". Honestly, I was like "seriously?" ; how could a workshop could change your life into better? I mean bunch of people who had the same thought but somehow curious too! And now, I experienced it and YES, IT'S A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE! 

I'm not even sure how it changed my life but after I went back from Paris, there was this strong power that urge me to forget everyone and reach your dream. When I said "forget everyone", it includes my parents too!  I'm the only child, my parents are old (70's and 80's) and their fears of parting away from me is bigger than seeing me become a successful person. However, thanks to my parents for letting me to go to Scott's workshop or else, I wouldn't have this much confident.  I just knew what my dreams are without thinking twice ever-since I entered the world of photography. Laugh at this (everyone did anyway) but I wanted to be one of the best (THE best even) wedding photographer in India and create a new trend of photography in India. My families, friends even strangers laugh at me and found me weird. But instead I smile because my heart and mind agreed on one thing - dream shall not be a dream anymore. Why India? I don't know but I've fallen in love with their culture and music since I was 13 right from the first time I saw an Indian movie with Govinda as the actor. 

I see beauty in my dream that dream shouldn't stay as a dream anymore, you just have to take daring step for it. Your dream shouldn't make you weak but it must be the reason to give power into your life. However, a dream stays there forever, if you aren't willing to do any effort, seeing for an opportunity and ready to sacrifice. You have to be strong in your faith, fully surrender in HIM and don't forget to share it with everyone. You can't achieve your dream alone, but you have to share to those who you know for long or even to a stranger whom you just met somewhere or through the internet. Be confident and say it proudly as if your dream isn't going to be a dream and you aren't going to be a dreamer anymore; but you'll be walking in reality, making your dream comes true. 

I've been living in Delhi since 15th of August 2011, settling down my life with my best better half. This is my story, a new journey has begun, and giving my best to do everything I can to promote my photography business with so much limitations in me ( running out of time and money). I have strong faith and confident in myself, my partner, and fully surrender in HIM. However, if the time reached its end (planning until December) and I haven't achieve anything then I've no regret whatsoever.

I SEE BEAUTY IN MY DREAM, IN A COUNTRY I FELL IN LOVE WITH AND IN MY PASSION BUT THE MOST, I SEE MORE BEAUTY IN LIFE WHEN I SURRENDER MY LIFE IN HIM FULLY WITHOUT WORRIES. THANK YOU LORD for giving me this beautiful dream, the courage, the blessings with best people surrounds me, Mr. Grumpy (My Best Better-Half) and my parents who are finally realizing and accepting the fact, I'm in India, achieving my dream :)


See Beauty...


Submission by:  My name is Grace, an Indonesian photographer with chinese looks and Indian soul trapped in me. At the moment, I'm living in New Delhi to pursue my dream as wedding photographer in India. When I captured the parents' and kids' emotions at the wedding, it melts my heart. My wedding portfolio can be seen at this link  and my style is simple, candid and personal.  I believe to achieve whatever you want in life, you need to fall in love over and over again with your dreams and surrender yourself fully in HIM :)

*Note: The above pictures are property of Grace Mz gie, please do not copy without permission.


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