Do What Feels Right

For most of the major decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life have usually been made as a result of simply following my heart.  Whenever I am faced with the ultimate question to go left or right and eenie meenie, miney, mow just won’t do, going with my gut always steps in to steer my decision.  In all honesty, whenever I have to choose, I realize that my heart has already done the work for me.  But because of my need to over think things, it always ends up feeling like my decision needs to come along with a compelling reason before I can take action.  Maybe because I give in to the ridiculous notion that simply doing something because your heart says so is an insufficient excuse and a compelling rational reason is needed in order to be taken seriously. 

Quite honestly the need to have a compelling reason to do anything feels like more of a justification to put others at ease about how I come about my decisions.  It stresses me out and unnecessarily complicates things. Why can’t one decide to do something simply because it feels right?  Sometimes indescribable feelings aren’t meant to be described.  When I began photography, I didn’t have a compelling reason to go fulltime with it other than, it just felt right down to my core.  It’s how I decided to get my tattoo, how I choose to go to Paris, and most likely it will be how I make my next life changing decision (whatever that is ;)).  I follow my heart and like a good Twitter friend of mine mentioned, that very action alone counts as a compelling reason.  I couldn’t agree more.  It’s like falling in love.  There’s no compelling reason why you fall in love other than it just feels right. 

The heart is our guide; that little voice of intuition that bubbles up from inside wanting to be heard.  It is the same guide that warns us of impending danger.  Why wouldn’t it work to guide us towards impending happiness too?

So, I say all of this to say that when you’re faced with a major decision and you’re looking for the right reasons to fall out of the air, know that your heart may have already decided for you.  Listen to it, follow it; your heart will always let you know what feels right.

When did you decide to follow your heart on something major in your life?  How did that experience work out for you?

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