Cultural Dancer & Painter, Nandi Riguero | See Beauty...™ Friday Feature

I'm excited to bring you today's See Beauty...™ Friday Feature by Nandi Riguero.  Nandi is a painter and a cultural dancer.  She brings together two worlds of artistic expression that is both spiritual and transformative in nature.  She's here to share with you her most recent artwork and latest installment of movement and rhthym.   I welcome you as you read to open up your heart and and mind to be inspired by this element of creativity that invites us to discover and reconnect with our inner self.  Please welcome, Nandi.


This mixed media drawing was completed this week. It is the culmination of a nine month process of imagining dance through an intuitive technique that readily allows anyone to dance with grace and confidence at any time, The Niwa Dance Alchemy.

Niwa Dance Alchemy is a space of balance and harmony for body, mind, spirit and soul....Through Niwa, form, rhythm, feelings, energy and ether--synchronize. Niwa is an alchemy that inspires one's creativity towards a new possibility for dance, for life, for living, and for breathing in intimate harmony with the world within and the universe that surrounds us. Niwa is a circular dance that journeys one back to our origin--Spirit. Niwa is a technique that utilizes an ancient form to evoke an intimate connection with the dance and dancer within ourselves.

See Beauty...


Submission by: Nandi Riguero who in 2009 developed a unique philosopy and style of dance guided by dance masters of northeastern Brasil and the spirit and wisdom of the Awa, a nomadic people indigineous to the remote rain forests of the Amazon.  This unique philosophy and dance gave birth to NIWA dance theater.  Her objective is to engage the audience in the visceral to illuminate the interconnection of our humanity.  As of October, Nandi Riguero will begin teaching Niwa from the Chhandayan Indian Music Studio in Midtown Manhattan, NY.  To Learn more about Nandi Riguero, her dance, and her artwork by visit ing her website.

*Note: The above artwork is property of Nandi Riguero, please do not copy without permission.


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