The Inspired Way; Free eBook for Living Your Ideal Life

The path of self-discovery and purpose is a delicate one.  It requires us to take risks, to have courage to say yes to yourself, and patience to see the journey all the way through

And today, that journey for Kate & I has led to the release of The Inspired Way

It’s been a labor of love for the past five months and now we are so happy to bring to you our new free eBook chock full of hope, support, encouragement and nuggets of inspiration for living an passionate purposeful life. The Inspired Way started with one question:

What is the key ingredient to living an inspired, purpose driven life?

The eBook brings together a collection of insightful wisdom and heart-opening stories from 22 spirited women sharing personal reflections from their journey.

Kate and I didn’t want this to be just another book you read on ‘how to find your passion’.  There are plenty of material out there that tell you  what to do and what not to do like it’s some magic formula.  Rather, the vision Kate and I had for this eBook from the very start was to bring to you a real perspective from passion-driven women not unlike yourself who desire to help you uncover what’s in your heart.

So from our hearts to yours, we’d like to bring to you, completely free, yours to keep for ever and ever;

The Inspired Way


May it guide your journey with inspiration and insight to live your purpose driven life!

Tonight we will be celebrating with a virtual launch party on Twitter @ 7:30PM ET/4:30PM PT for one hour to discuss the guide and the topic of inspired, purposeful living.  We invite you to join us to ask questions, share your own ideas and mix n’ mingle with our inspiring contributors. To join in, follow me and Kate on Twitter, and watch for #theinspiredway.

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