A Call To Action

You know that voice deep down that whispers to you in your quiet moments? Sometimes you notice it while driving home after a long day at work or in the shower as you mentally prepare for the day ahead.  Or perhaps you may hear this small voice call out to you in the last moments before you fall asleep at night.  You notice that this inner voice comes to you and persists like a young child tugging on your shirt eager to get your attention.

Maybe you’ve spent most of your life ignoring that voice because to listen to it brought  up more questions than answers. Perhaps this voice calls out for you to do something you don’t  think you’re quite ready to do. This inner voice may be telling you to take up a photography class, begin practicing yoga, or it may even be daring you to create your own Eat Pray Love experience because you’ve kept it bottled up for so long.

Today is the day for you to listen to that voice.

Because for too long you’ve stifled your inner voice

Because life in the safe lane is no longer  fulfilling

Because you are simply tired of giving in to your fears

And because it’s time to wake up to your dreams

I coach closet creatives and soul searchers, who don't just want a job, they want a calling. Those who want to get out of their heads and into their hearts to use their God-given gifts doing work that is meaningful and satisfying! Yes, I'm talking to you! We'll work from the inside out to establish a deeper connection to who you are and the work you are called to do in this world.

As a coach, I’ve had the joy of working with passionate purpose-driven souls like yourself helping them connect with their inner callings and boldly step away from fear and into action. It is a process that is both delicate yet widely transformative. In my coaching, I bring my personal and professional experience as a certified coach coupled with patience, understanding, and laser sharp focus  in seeing your true inner beauty.

As an introductory special to new clients, I’d like to offer 4 one-on-one coaching sessions for just $150. The first 10 people to sign up will get this special pricing. That is less than $40 per session which is probably less than you’ve spent for yoga classes in one month. Not that I dare recommend that you not take yoga classes. I like yoga just as much as the next yogi!


If you're shouting a resounding 'Yes!', sign up below:


If you’re feeling a little hesitant,  invite you to take a few moments to turn inward, and listen to what your inner voice might be saying. Perhaps it is no coincidence that you are reading these words right now and this opportunity could be your tiny yet courageous step towards creating deeper purpose and fulfillment  in your life.  Or perhaps now is not the right time for you to move in this direction.  All that is asked of you right now, is simply to listen to that inner voice and honor it.

If you’re ready for your journey, click below to get started.

With Love & Light,