Body Talk

For the past few days my body has been gradually warning me to slow down. Tell tale signs like subtle body aches and headaches, fatigue, and a small inner whisper that simply reminds me to slow down, don’t push so hard. I didn’t listen. There was too much work to be done. What about all the emails in my inbox? What about all of the meetings I have scheduled? The deadlines? The uncleaned apartment? I must do it all, no? Couldn’t I push a little further to get more done and then I’ll rest?

Well, lets just say, my body had other plans. I write this with Kleenex in hand and a bottle of Robitussin nearby. My body has made a point that is very clear and now I have to listen to it.  But this time around, I actually want to listen to my body and hear what it needs to heal. Lot’s of rest, a clear mind, hot tea with lemon and honey. Self-care has now made the top of the list of priorities.

Whenever sickness or disease enters the body, it’s more than just a random chance that happens to you. I am a big believer that the body speaks to us and it will always let you know when something is "off" in your life. It always lets us know when we’re off balance, doing too much,  or under too much stress.  When we get sick, it is our body’s way of saying ‘hey, pay attention to me!’ Sometimes we push and push ourselves in an attempt to get everything done that we forget to take care of ourselves.  And when we get sick,  we are forced  to slow down and tune in to what our body needs. Then when the body heals, we resume our normal busy lives and forget all about getting sick and what it takes to maintain a healthy state of mind and body.

It’s a constant cycle that we become caught in over and over again. But what if everyday we stopped to check in with our body, what would we hear? The quiet stillness of the body can speak volumes. Here are three small self-care charms we can do everyday to give our bodies the loving care and attention it needs:
  1. give yourself a hug. My yoga teacher had us do this in class the other day. I thought it was kind of silly at first but amazingly I felt my shoulders drop and the tension ease as I gave myself a big loving embrace.
  2. say ‘I love you’ to yourself. First thing in the morning as you enter the bathroom and look into the mirror, repeat the words: ‘i love you’ to yourself as many times as needed. Yes, you will feel silly. But feeling silly is better than feeling stressed, right?!
  3. breathe. Take deep loving breaths in and out for about five minutes a day. Not only is this good for circulation, but it will help clear your mind of stressful thoughts and trigger a peaceful relaxed state of mind.

The list of self-care acts can go on and on but the above three can get you started.

What other ways could you suggest to bring more self-care to your body? You might just come up with an idea that could help you avoid catching a cold this year. That would be phenomenal! Share your ideas below!

With Love & Light,


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