Choose Freedom

Feeling stuck is a state of mind, just like feeling free is also a state of mind. Your mind causes you to feel stuck based on the thoughts it produces. Thoughts. You would never think something as natural as thoughts could have such a powerful effect on you. Thoughts create your own reality. You perceive the world based on the thought projections from your mind. Yep, it's that simple and as complex as that. If you produce thoughts of being stuck in your situation, guess what? That is what you will believe about yourself and that is what you will become, stuck.

What you believe can imprison you...or set you free. [Photo taken in my travels in SoHo, NYC]

What's the flip side of that? Freedom. What do thoughts of freedom look like? What do they feel like? I am guessing they feel a whole lot better than feelings of stuckness. Imagine we were to walk throughout our lives with thoughts of being free. Free from our life circumstances, free to be who and what you want to be. We could be free from a job we feel stuck in, we could feel free from a relationship that's not going anywhere, free from feelings of unsatisfaction and unfulfillment. Simply free.

Free is a state of mind. I'll repeat that: Freedom. is. a. state. of. mind.

It will last for however long you want it to. Freedom is available to you whenever you choose it. All it takes is letting go of the idea of being stuck.

Choose freedom.

With Love & Light,


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