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Are You Where You Thought You'd Be?

Five years ago I asked myself this question and what I found not only made me uncomfortable but prepared me for a journey of personal growth that I would not trade for the world.

In this video, I describe the moment of clarity I had at a desk job I didn't like and the one thing that led me to reconnect with my calling.

I also describe how asking yourself this question can help you get clear on what you want and embrace possibilities for change.


Your Call To Action

You know that voice deep down that whispers to you in your quiet moments? Sometimes you notice it while driving home after a long day at work or in the shower as you mentally prepare for the day ahead.  Or perhaps you may hear this small voice call out to you in the last moments before you fall asleep at night.

Today is the day for you to listen to that voice.

As a coach, I’ve had the joy of working with passionate purpose-driven souls like yourself helping them connect with their inner callings and boldly step away from fear and into action.

As an introductory special to new coaching clients, I’d like to offer 4 one-on-one coaching sessions for just $150. The first 10 people to sign up will get this special pricing.

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Passion Project - The Miracle Question

For a moment, let's step into a world of imagination and possibility. With pen and paper, journal your answer to the below question:

  1. Imagine that for a moment when you went to bed tonight and throughout the course of the night a miracle has happened and everything fell perfectly into place; your world is exactly as you would want it to be. Write down what is different. Who would you be? What would you be doing?  What are the particular things that changed?
If you're inspired to share your insights or revelations from this exercise, I'd love to hear from you!

So In Closing...

I will leave you with this quote from Neale Donald Walsch from my favorite book I'm reading right now, Conversations With God. It so beautifully sums up how we can begin living with purpose and passion.

"Be OPEN. Don't close off the possibility of new truth because you have been comfortable with an old one. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."


The above post was an excerpt from the October newsletter. If you'd like to see more, take a moment to SIGN UP to my monthly newsletter for more Insight & Inspiration to fuel your spirit! Thank you!