The Victim of Busyness

I’m at home waiting for the Salvation Army truck to come pick up my donation.  Funny how the only thing that has allowed me to slow down and wait in the past few months is a charity organization. Thank you Salvation Army for giving me spare time to write a blog post that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. I haven’t written in a long time and it feel’s icky.  I feel like I’ve lost the connection to one of things I enjoyed doing.

So what has kept me away for so long? Well, I promise it wasn’t because I ran out of things to say.  No, not at all. It’s because I’ve fallen victim to the thing that creeps into our lives and has no mercy: busyness.

You’ve been there before, right? Suddenly your conversations with others start sounding the same way; “oh, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you, I was so busy” or “I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to do that”. Whenever someone would ask me simply, “how are you?”, my answer was always, “busy”.  I started to see this as a problem. Really? Is that the one thing I want people to know about me, is that I am really busy? 

We all have busy lives, myself included but to what point does that busyness consume us to the point that we thrive on it leading us to blot out the things that really matter to us?  

In the thick of being this “busy” lately I am learning to reassess some things in my life.  The thing that I like to ask myself when I am caught in the whirlwind of busyness is, “Who am I being in this particular situation?” and “Is what I’m doing in alignment with what I want for my life?” 

I can give you one example of this of how busyness has been showing up in my life lately.  Typically my days consist of hours dedicated to life coaching, photography, work projects, yoga, meetings, events.  I can honestly answer my original questions “who am I being in this particular situation?” and “is what I’m doing in alignment with what I want in my life?” with confidence knowing that I am being the person I want to be in these instances and it feels closely aligned with what I want in my life.  The areas of my life where I don’t feel so confidently about my answers are when I've neglected myself for the sake of something or someone else. If I’m saying yes, when I should be saying no or otherwise doing or not doing something for the wrong reasons. And we all know the icky feeling that comes from that.  So while there are so much we want to do in our lives, sometimes all it takes is a quick check-in to see what areas need to be reassessed to make room room for what we really want to do.  No easy task but really worthwhile to learn how to do.

Life takes you in an assortment of directions; sometimes we just can’t help that. But what we can do is exercise our power of choice and check in with ourselves by asking these two questions:


  1. Who am I being in this particular situation?
  2. Is what I’m doing in alignment with what I want in my life?


Check in with yourself by answering these questions whenever you feel overwhelmed and tugged in a hundred different directions.  

How has busyness been showing up in your life?

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