The Identity of Pain

I became a life coach because I see that we are all in pain. Some of us suffer in silence and keep it all in. Some of us identify with that pain because it’s all we know. Some of us who are in pain suppress it and keep going thinking that one day it will all go away. But that day never comes because we never allow it to. Our feelings of indecision, confusion, overwhelm, and fear all comes from a place inside of us that feels “off”. A place that wants to be healed, touched, recognized, and comforted. We yearn for our pain to be comforted because it hurts so bad. We turn to alcohol, food, technology, and even the people around us to comfort us knowing deep down that it will only fan the flames of our pain.

My heart hurts when I see us hurt in this way. I want so much to hold a mirror up in front of you and show you what I see. A strong unique radiance of who you are; an amazing human being

I know what it feels like to be bought and sold into a dream that is not your own. I know what it feels like to be out of touch or disconnected from that place deep within you that wants something more than what you’ve been settling for. And most of all, I know what the voice of fear sounds like and the paralyzing hold it can have over you. This is the pain I struggled with for years and years. Even today that pain still presents itself. But I must say that over the years that pain has gotten smaller and in some instances unrecognizable. It is unrecognizable, because as the pain melts away, I am beginning to see myself without the identity of pain and thus, the real me. 

Pain is an inevitable part of the journey, but suffering is not. We have a choice, everyday and in every moment. For some of us it is not until that pain becomes so unbearable that we take the risk of flying than to keep sinking deeper and deeper into the comfort of our own pain. I cannot promise you that you will not fall or never experience pain again. But what I can promise, it will reveal the identity of who you truly are. A strong beautiful radiant human being who is capable of transcending all pain into love.


With Love & Light,