Photography Saved My Life

I said this to someone just recently and I didn’t realize the power in that statement and the truth it held for me.

How exactly did photography save my life?

Before photography entered my life, I was so caught up in walking a path that was not my own. It was the result of living up to certain expectations that was placed on me by others and that I placed on myself which was not based on the truth of who I was. I was on a path that I thought would bring me happiness and “success” by enduring 6 years of advanced education so that I could get a job in cubicle nation.  The emptiness I felt inside at the end of each day was too hard to bear.

I had always enjoyed taking pictures in my spare time. I liked the feeling it gave me of soulful satisfaction and depth to an otherwise one-dimensional world. I held the camera in my hand; felt it’s weight and then as if by magic it summoned something wonderful in my heart & mind.

I lifted the camera to my eye and suddenly the world started to take shape. My imagination saw the world through the camera’s viewfinder. A bird taking flight, two dogs kissing, a butterfly perched on a flower, a long windy road that led to the unknown. Is this what my heart saw? And if so, how beautiful that I saw it? I somehow became a part of the scene in a photo. I felt actively connected to the world that was taking place right in front of me. It went from a vision in my mind to being captured in a photo and just like that my pointer finger became the executor of my hearts imagination.

Photography gave me life that I didn’t know I needed; it acted as a direct channel to my heart. I discovered myself and the truth of who I am in a photograph.

My life had truly begun. Photography reacquainted me with my heart and for that I will forever be grateful. Photography saved my life.


With Love & Light,