Bigger Than 8.2%

I woke up this morning, sat at my computer and the first thing I read in bold red lettering "Unemployment Rate Raises to 8.2%". Instantly, my heart felt sad. I feel for all of us who are suffering because of it; I say "us" because we are all in some way effected by this statistic whether we are unemployed or not; we are all one. This percentage represents real people. Real hearts that are either jobless and struggling or even those that are gainfully employed but are severely unhappy in their jobs. Our heart is unemployed because we are not allowing it to do it's job; fuel us by living our true passion & purpose.

Headlines like this makes me think of the mindset we fall into as a result of hearing this news about unemployment on a regular basis. It further pushes us into a state of sadness and frustration as we only see a dismal future right before our eyes. But the Truth is, we are not these numbers. We are not an 8.2% unemployment rate. No. We are much bigger than that; much greater than that. We as spiritual beings are capable of such unlimited potential, we could never be held underneath the thumb of "dismal figures". 


Your potential is not given to you in the form of a cushy job and a paycheck on the 1st and 15th of every month. No. Your potential is already within you; it always has been there since the day you were born. How do you know it's there? First by acknowledging that it is, even if you can't see it. You don't have to see it. You ARE it. You ARE your potential.

And that my friend, is greater than any unemployment rate that they may throw at us.

With Love & Light,