'I Do' in Central Park | NYC Surprise Engagement Proposal

I truly believe that everyone that you meet in your life is sent to you on purpose. From the stranger you strike up a conversation with in the grocery store to the person you spend the rest of your life with. There are no coincidences and nothing is left to chance.

So when Ben told me the story of how they first met on a dating site; they lived in the same town, had the same mutual friends, but had NEVER met each other before, I knew that something beautiful had brought them together.

Ben wanted Erin's birthday weekend to be special so they both flew in from Kansas for a fun time in New York City.  Erin had no idea that she would return home with memories of a beautiful surprise engagement proposal. See their story below.



What love I experienced working with these two. Ben's heart is as big as his smile and Erin's memories of NYC will never be the same.

Congrats you two!!

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