eBook Heart to Heart Debuts Today!

Today, I’d like to invite you into a conversation with your heart.


My new eBook, Heart to Heart debuts today and it is my absolute honor to share with you it’s unique message.  But first, let me share with you why I created Heart to Heart.

Heart to Heart was brought to you for several reasons.

I see potential for greatness in you.  
I see your desire to act on creative impulses and the fear that holds you back.  
I see your desire to live mindfully and purposefully.  
I see a hole in this world that needs YOU to fill it.

Heart to Heart is not meant to be just another book of inspiration and go-getter statements. It’s meant to call to you in a very specific way. The words attempt to soulfully speak to a place deep within you.

Heart to Heart features 18 pages of self-authored notes of inspiration, affirmations and good 'ol fashioned encouragement that will move you towards living your passion and purpose. It also contains simple yet powerful photo exercises designed to inspire creative expression and active self-discovery. You will be motivated to take a look at yourself in a more deep and meaningful way; inspired to take action to live your highest purpose and potential.

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Here are what others are saying about Heart to Heart:

“Ariane Hunter's new book, Heart to Heart, is such a beautiful way to come home to you.  It's a conversation between your heart and hers, yes, and feels like one of those afternoons spent with a dear friend - the warm, slow moving, deep and rewarding ones that you wish would never end.

Partly small parcels of wisdom, partly exercises to be explored over time, all wonderfully gentle and yet hugely inspiring, this is just what so many of us need.  This is one way to begin to live from your heart, all wrapped up and ready to gift yourself or someone you love. ~ Christa Gallapoulos, WomenHeal


Full of luscious sublime reminders that we create the life we want and we are who we are meant to be.
“Somebody needs you to be YOU today.”
“In the fight between heart and mind the heart always wins.”
“Honor your passion. Honor your individuality. Honor your dreams.”
I got goosebumps from the first chapter and they stayed until the end. I cannot wait to start each 30 day challenge and shine brighter, get more in touch with my intuition and see myself clearer.  Creativity IS the ultimate tool for discovery of self.  Heart to Heart is a must have guide for people who hear the calling of their heart. ~ Renee Magnusson, Living Luminous


"Every chapter encourages me to analyze my life in a new way that I think I intuitively know, but far too often ignore, especially in the midst of a hectic work day. " ~ Nekeifa, NYC



Click here to download your free copy of Heart to Heart.


Come join in the conversation…


With Love & Light,