Love Is

Love is...

The blueish hue of the morning light through my window pain;
Blackish bronze painted finger nails squeezing the pen, wooshing across the page as I write;
Silence, meditation, stillness in the air;
The hush of a whisper, a laugh or a cry;
An instinctual heart that beats forevermore entering it’s cosmic force into the Universe.

That is what love is.

It gives birth to new ideas, sizes and shapes them to be sent out into the world.
Love is adorned with rose petals and water droplets;

Love creates and love cures.
Intertwined with a pocket full of signs that read messages of purity and rare finds:
“Stillness up ahead, Winding and steep, Careful when wet”.

Love is...undying, heartfelt, and fully prepped for battle;
It has already won. It has already found the way.
Peace exists where love is.
It finds trouble and solves it. It finds solace and enhances it. It communicates great deeds for a job well done.
Love breeds off of us yet sinks when unattended and abandoned;
It seeks shelter when cold and may cause miracles when ignited;
It is the love of words, sound, breath, space, pastures that are full grown;
It speaks volumes and protests it’s true light;
It is form and the formless.

We seek it and it seeks us.

Love is pure, it is sound, it is whole waiting to transcend us into another world. It’s world, far far away from here.
Love without a sound is precious; it is a song without notes or scales; an unchained melody.
We look for it but do not hear. We ask for it but do not measure up. We give in it’s name but cannot find the truth in it.

Love is all there is; it’s all there ever will be. Own it, be it, or destroy it.
Love is a house of cards waiting to fall down;
It is discovered at the root of a plant or joined at the hip between two lovers.
It is magnetic and gloriously buried underneath what truly matters.
Without it, we are separate. With it, we are one.

Love is...