Street Portrait Challenge | NYC Workshop on Fears & Personal Power

I received an email a few months after the last Street Portrait Challenge. It was from the mother of one of the people I approached to photograph. She says: “The photos of the people at Union Square mean alot to me because it helps me to understand why my son loves living in NYC so much.  I helps me to share in his happiness.  Thanks for that!!  Please keep up the great work.”

When I received that email, I quickly realized that the Street Portrait Challenge isn’t just about going out and shooting pictures of people. The idea behind the Challenge is about facing and overcoming your fears. But what what you get from that experience goes much deeper.

Not only is SPC a way for you to gain control over your fears but it is also breaking the bubble of isolation from each other.  When we ride the train, stand on line at the grocery, or simply taking a walk, fear keeps us locked in our own bubbles. Most of us just keep to ourselves.

"A Stranger Is A Friend You Haven't Met Yet"

The Challenge helps us make a connection with the people around you. Even if that person happens to be a stranger.

If you have a camera, you have a tool that will not only transform you, but the people around you. It’s  mostly the reason why we are drawn to photography in the first place.

Join me on Saturday, February 16th @ 2pm for another Street Portrait Challenge; workshop style. We will come together to explore our fears and our personal power all while using photography.

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Need a little inspiration? Check out these testimonials from our past players!

"Participating in the SPC showed me just how brave I can be when I want to be. I am not nearly as intimidated at the thought of speaking to strangers, because I did it that day and DID NOT DIE. :-) Some people said no, and I lived through that, too!"

Wanda Lotus, Lotusland Fine Art

"I did the street challenge the first week I opened my business Kristy Unton Photography! I was scared to death to walk up to random people and ask for their picture. I conquered my fear and went with it had an amazing experience, and met people that I have remained in contact with. It is such a great idea to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. This single event launched me into a successful business and taught me to conquer my fears head on!"

Kristy Unton,

"I loved being a part of the Street Portrait Challenge with Ariane.  
I met amazing photographers and we shared our experiences of the day.  
The fear goes away as soon as someone smiles back at you and a connection is made.  
Just shoot from your heart, take it slow, and enjoy the moment."

Karen Yaeger,


This event is open to ANYONE with a camera! SLR's, point-and-shoot's, and film camera's are welcome! Although I would not suggest a phone camera as it may be intimidating to the person your are photographing.


Hope to see you on the 16th!


With Love & Light,