To See Us Dance...

To see us dance, Is to hear our heart speak". - Aztec Proverb


For the past three weeks, I’ve been taking dance improv classes with the amazingly wonderful Nandi Riguero of Danza Niwa. And although I’ve learned only a few dance steps, I realize I have been dancing my entire life.

My heart is a dance. My words are a dance. The way I choose to wear my hair, is a dance.

Nandi has taught me that there is dance in everything and in everyone. It is not only a physical form of a movement but the way your heart chooses to expresses itself to the world. She explains it as a secret that only your heart knows that only you can share. It is the essence of who you are; it is in your walk, your charm, and exudes through you. It is your amazing light and brilliance that can never be taken away.


To dance let down your take in your let your spirit move through you.

Today is my birthday and my birthday wish to myself is to continue to dance and share with the world, the secret of my heart.

Here's a video of me at last weeks class. I'm nervous to put this out there but I cannot deny the healing power dance has brought into my life. I'm still a newbie, I'm still a bit uncoordinated, and not all that graceful but none of it matters. We need to experience these bouts of discomfort to help bring us through our own journey.

Take a peek!

With Birthday Love & Light,