Letting Your Voice Shine | A workshop recap

This past Thursday, I had the absolute honor of co-hosting a workshop on the power and potential of listening to your inner voice. In a yoga studio filled with positive affirmations on the wall, pretty stationary for journaling, and seated floor cushions for buddha style discussion, my co-host and I spoke on the importance of self-discovery and passionate living.

The energy was amazing as our group of women came out to share their individual stories and intentions on living a deeply fulfilling life. We ended the evening with a self-reflective exercise on envisioning Your Future Self. Our participants got to work journaling out detailed descriptions of how they saw themselves living their truth and following their passions. It was an excellent way to connect with the wise woman already inside of you.

This event reminded me that each one of us comes into this world with a unique vision of how we see the world around us. Through our eyes, we have the ability to see a form of pain and hurt in the world that calls out to our souls that only you can hear.   You hear it loud and clear; it keeps you up at night. It is the voice of your calling.

We can also see a vision of a better world without that hurt and pain. You are uniquely equipped to answer that calling and do the work. Thursday’s workshop was all about seeing a better world, a world with us in it, contributing through our unique gifts and passions.

It is our passions that choose us, not us choosing our passions.

Until next time...

With Love & Light,