The Power of Surrender

What does it mean to surrender? Surrendering typically evokes a feeling of defeat or to give up our control over things. Similar to how a bank robber, who is surrounded by police pointing their guns, soon realizes he must surrender.

The same way we find ourselves surrounded by our fears and doubts that often feel just as threatening as a gun to our face. Our sense of control and security is rattled and the discomfort is enslaving, as we see no other way out. We surrender to our fears, give in and give up our power. This type of surrender leave us feeling defeated and disempowered as we feel we have lost and the fears have claimed victory over us yet again.

Fear at the basic level is when our sense of security is disrupted. Our security is created from our ability to control the situation. And when that security is taken away so is our sense of control, which creates the opening for fears to enter in. The fear we experience when someone points a gun at us or when taking a leap of faith towards our dreams. The fear is the same, just interpreted in a different way.

But what if we had a different understanding of what surrender means? What if we surrendered our need for control? Imagine the magnificence that happens when you can trust that the moment you are in is perfectly planned. That there is something greater at work putting in place all that you need to fully and completely experience in your life with greater truth. So without the need to control or the fear that comes from a perceived lack of control, we learn to redirect the energy we give to our fears into something more harmonious and truthful. We surrender the stories we tell ourselves about what’s going wrong and the problem that seems too big for us to handle.

Here are three practices we can begin to help us surrender:

Complete Acceptance

Begin to notice the thoughts you have about the situation and when your mind goes into overdrive trying to assert control over what’s happening. You may notice this when things don’t go the way you planned because someone or something is getting in your way. Replace the desire to control with an attitude of acceptance of what is happening in the present moment. We may not be able to control what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond to it. Invite the feeling of peace into the situation.


Become aware of the part of you that wants to escape from what is happening in the now. The part of you whose security feels threatened. Remember this part of you is your interpretation of what’s going on.  Let go of the story you have about the situation and invite in a sense trust and presence that will align you to be in more of a natural flow. Embrace the moment as if it were exactly as it was meant to be.

Willingness to let go

In the moment, notice what you are holding on to. Is it the need to be right? The need to control? The need to live up to expectations? Sometimes we hold on to these things with a vice-like grip when we feel our sense of self is threatened. Learn to let go by taking a step back and observe what is really going on and by surrendering your thoughts or judgments about it. Doing so will allow you to step into a power that creates deeper satisfaction and freedom from conflict.

What stories are you holding on to? What areas of your life could you learn to surrender?


With Love & Light,