Clarity Through Action

Some of us go to a mountain top to find it

Some of us meditate for years and years hoping to get hit with it

Others look for it from people who we admire


Clarity, the one piece of insight we need in order to make a move.  The key piece we need in order to justify the means. The essential component that if we are without it, stops us in our tracks and paralyzes us like a venomous snake.  Clarity.

How the hell do I take the next step if I’m not even clear on what the next step even is?

As many of us who has ever gotten an idea that gave them goose bumps or a strong desire to do something they had never done before can attest to, having complete clarity on how to follow through can be elusive at best.

The sequence of events goes a little like this:

An idea or inspiration strikes us like a thunderbolt --> the immediate reaction is smiles, euphoria, as the eyes grow wide with excitement --> we visualize our idea as reality ànd we take the first few steps towards making it happen; call a few people, send a few emails, sit down and do our research.

Then suddenly we hit a lull, the vision seems further and further away. There are a million steps that need to happen on the way to realizing our grand idea. These steps are not exactly clear to us.  What happens next?

We freeze. We lose momentum. Doubts start setting in. Or worse, we abandon the idea all together.

I see this all the time. I’ve even lived it. The vision of our idea or greatest wish can crystalize in our minds eye but the immediate steps to getting there is what evades us and ultimately stops us in our tracks.

So what can we do when this happens? When we’re not exactly sure what the next step is, how do we create that bridge to keep us going?


Even when we don’t know what the next step is, take action. There is always something you can do to support your idea. Oftentimes when we believe we’re not taking the “right” action or we’re unsure of how the idea will manifest we block ourselves from the one thing that will help us find out: action.  You will find that by taking action (sending the email, making the call, writing the business plan, asking for help) will get you clearer on your next step. Through action, each step will reveal itself closer and closer to transforming your idea into reality.

Clarity through action. By taking action, you’ll find out what works and what doesn’t work. Either way, through the process, you’ll be making your way closer and closer to bringing your idea to life.

All thoughts or ideas are supported by action. But when we cut off the action part, all we’re left with is an idea or untapped potential. Sometimes it ends up in the “To-Do one day” list or someone else with your same idea who had the determination to take action ends up doing the same thing you hoped to do.  Don’t let this happen. Don’t let years and years of ideas and unfulfilled wishes pile up until one day you find yourself full of regrets.

Get clarity through action and let each step guide you towards the next one.

Act now.