Change The Script

We all land roles in our lives. Some of them we like, most of them we don’t like. But we stick with them hoping that the casting director will re-assign us. Now, I’m no film director and I have zero experience creating movies, BUT imagine for a moment that your life were a movie.  Who’s your cast of characters? Scan your life of family and friends and see what role they play in your life. Now shift over to your j-o-b. The place you spend most of your waking hours. What role do you play there? Who is your character? Describe him or her. If you were viewing your character on a movie screen on the screenplay of your life what would you notice about your role? What would you tell your character? How closely does your character play to role of a victim? Victor? Or the villain? There’s no right or wrong answer here, just a simple observation.
In creating the movie of your life, it is important to understand that you are in charge of the script. Every scene that you’re in, the characters that enter/exit into your movie, and even what type of movie you want your life to be. Adventure? Romantic? Comedy? Documentary?
You have the power to write your own movie. What would your starring role be in your career? What would you be doing? Who would support you? What challenges would you overcome?

Image Credit: Leroy1965  
This is your movie. If you don’t like it, rather than idly waiting for your story to change on it's own or for someone else to give you another role, how about stepping into the role of Writer/Director. You write the script of your own life movie. If you don’t like the way your movie is playing out, change it. The beginning, middle, and end are all up to you. You own the story.

Don’t like your movie? Change the script.

Keep me posted on how it goes