The 4 Blind Spots

Picture for a moment, you’re driving along on a highway. You’re by yourself in your car and you are the only one on the road. It is a bright and sunny day. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. It’s just you and a million miles of an endless stretch of road.  The road you’re on is leading you to absolute passion and fulfillment in your career. You’re on the right path, all you have to do is stay the course.

Photo Credit: Road to the river | Christina prat Mases

While driving you glance up in your rearview and see a swarm of cars aggressively gaining on you as you realize you now have company along your journey.

The road gets crowded and it starts to get to you as you realize you now have competition in achieving your dream career. You start to wonder, if everyone wants to get to the same place, how is it possible for you to get where you want to go. You think to yourself, this road is not big enough for all of us, I should pull off. This is an example of blind spot #1: Limiting Beliefs.

As you’re driving along, a red Mercedes pulls along the driver side. You glance over at the driver and notice the she looks over at your car, seems unimpressed, and quickly speeds up ahead of you. You immediately begin to think she is a jerk and that maybe your car is not nice enough. You have just experienced blind spot #2: Interpretations.

After miles and miles of smooth driving you notice the same convertible from a few miles back that cut you off.  You think to yourself, that’s the jerk that cut me off.  You begin to recall how frightful it was for you to veer out of your lane to avoid hitting the convertible. So rather than going your normal pace, you slow down to avoid catching up to the convertible. You believe that nothings changed and he will cut you off again so you stay behind. Welcome to blind spot #3: Assumptions.

Finally, you’re nearing towards your destination and you can see the long journey to having higher career fulfillment is almost over. After driving for so long you notice the road is nearly empty, just like when you started out on your journey. But behind you notice a black Hummer who’s presence seems to take up the entire road. The Hummer is big and intimidating with tinted windows so that you can’t even see the person driving it.  The Hummer drives uncomfortably close to you and you find yourself switching lanes, slowing down, and avoiding eye contact as you try to ignore his presence. Only you can’t. His presence makes you feel small, insignificant, not good enough. You’ve driven all this way but you question whether or not you’re ready to arrive at your destination. Surely, the other cars, especially the Hummer are better suited to reach their goal and have a rewarding career. The feeling makes you want to stop in your journey and turn around. You have entered the deepest and most troubling blind spot of all, #4: Inner Critic.

These are the 4 Blind Spots that stop you from attaining greater success and happiness in your career and within your life. I call them blind spots because we are not always aware of them and they work against us from creating greater fulfillment in your career and within your life. As with all things worth going for, the path towards your calling is a journey and process that is ripe with challenges that were designed for you to overcome. Starting this week, make an effort to catch yourself and see your own ‘blind spots’ and how they hold you back. Creating awareness around your blind spots will help lead you to your desired destination.

Keep me posted on how it goes