10 Tips for the Career Conscious Professional (Part II)

Welcome to part 2 of my 10 tips for aligning your career with your personal purpose (check out part 1 if you missed it). A lot of you have been responding that #3, Get Rid of The Excuses resonates with you the most! It's amazing when we can take a step back and see how our excuses get in the way.

Let's keep this going! Check out today's tips for aligning your career with purpose.

4.  Let Go of Blocks & Barriers
Blocks are internal obstacles that hold us back in the form of thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. They stand in the way of the job we want, the business we dream about, or making the money we want in our career. Blocks are self-created which means that we can break through them.  We break through by learning to let go of the blocks that hold us back whether they are bad managers, toxic friends, or self-sabotaging thoughts.
5.  Look Fear in the Eye
Fears diminish our confidence and esteem. It is the internal voice that tells you not to even try.  Fear can be controlling and will always be apart of the journey.  

Awareness is key. By learning to increase your awareness of how your fears control you, you can confront it and challenge them. You begin to weaken the power fear has over you and take your goals to the next level.
6.  Stay the Course
What sets successful people who achieve their goals apart from those who don’t are those who persevere and have a healthy level of optimism. While you won’t always get the job offer. You won’t always score the client. Your product won’t always sell. It is all in preparation that leads you to the door that will open up for you. The trick is to fall down 7 times and get up 8.

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