10 Tips for the Career Conscious Professional (Part I)

Before the start of the new year I spoke at a women's professional organization and met a group of 22 passionate dedicated women who are taking control of their careers and making their goals a reality this year. I spoke about my 10 tips for the career conscious professional and thought I'd share it with you here to support you in your career journey. So over the course of the next 3 posts, you'll receive my tips for aligning your career with your personal purpose. Here we go!

1.  Say Yes to Yourself
When you say yes to pursue your dream career, it is part of the process to go through hardships. It requires courage, discipline, fortitude, sleepless nights, rejections, and falling flat on your face.  But the fulfillment and personal satisfaction you gain in the process is priceless. Saying yes is a commitment to align with your career purpose. You are taking steps to improve and be better than when you first started.

2.  Get Clear
Get clear on what you want to achieve in your career and why that is important to you. This is a highly personalized process and will ground you in your values, purpose, and vision. Without clarity, we float aimlessly and spend our energies in different directions that cause us to lose focus. When getting clear, be imaginative, creative, detailed, and willing to exceed your own expectations of what you believe is possible.

3.  Get Rid of The Excuses
Excuses are one of the most destructive obstacles we use to get in our own way. Excuses are products of the mind; it is creativity in its most destructive form. Excuses are the stories we tell ourselves as to why something is not possible. Excuses can disguise themselves as perfectly legitimate when in actuality if we truly wanted something we would find a way to get it. Excuses release us from taking responsibility. Fears underlie our excuses and sometimes, you learn more about yourself by the excuses you give. Ask yourself, “What excuse am I telling myself right now?”

I hope you practice these well. Til next time when I share part 2 of my three-week career tip series!

Keep me posted on how it goes….ariane@arianehunter.com.