Sometimes taking the leap means falling on your butt

So you’re thinking about leaving corporate America and starting your own business. It’s something you’ve wanted to do for so long. The longing has kept you up at night and it’s all you think about during the day. You know it would be risky to leave your full time job and regular paycheck for something that may not pan out but deep down you know this is something you must do. You’ve never felt an urge this strong before and you’ve ignored it long enough. After all, you believe that life is about taking chances and being happy. You wonder, what if this could be the best decision you ever made? You would never know if you didn’t try.

You decide to take the leap.

*THUMP* You hear the sound of your butt hitting the floor. You’re covered in bruises, scars, blood, sweat, and tears. The doubts begin to creep in and your biggest fears turn into looming shadows on the verge of engulfing you. You didn’t realize it would be this hard and you begin to think, maybe I made a mistake.

It is this moment, where you will learn that you have a choice. And whatever choice you make will determine the direction your life will take from this point on.

This choice will tell you a lot about who you are. It will show how you view failure and success. It will reveal your level of resilience and determination. It will show you whether you shrink in the face of fear or rise above it. It will show you how far you’re willing to go for your dreams.

Since I began working for myself four years ago, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve fallen on my butt. There were times when the doubts had a vice-like grip on me where I felt like I couldn’t move. There have been times when I felt like quitting when the tears felt unbearable.

I have learned that there won’t always be a net when you decide to take the leap and do what you love. It can be an unsettling feeling to know that failure is an inevitable stop on the journey that you will visit many, many times. I know that when there was no net, these were situations deliberately put on my path so that I could become the person I am today. Since then I have traveled internationally for work, made more money per hour than I ever have working for a company, given motivational, inspiring talks at well-attended events, and transformed the lives and careers of some of the best clients I’ve ever come to work with. I don’t say this to brag but these are some of the things I have accomplished in my career that I can truly be proud of. And the bruises on my butt were well worth it.

Taking the leap in any endeavor, whether it’s in your career or a new relationship, can be adventurous and exciting. You’re putting your heart on the line and trading in your comfort zone for something new and unpredictable. There will be many things you will discover about yourself both by taking the leap and falling on your butt. And unfortunately, you cannot have one without the other. In it holds lessons that can only be given to you IF you’re willing to fall, IF you’re willing to be uncomfortable, and IF you’re willing to be defined not by your failures but by who you have become by conquering them.

Leaping is not for the faint of heart. But then again, so is having a life worth living. [Tweet that]

What would be a leap for you in your career? How would you gracefully handle a crash landing?

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