Career Wishes Do Come True - Some news to share!

Most of you may know that I love writing. What started out as a journaling practice over five years ago has evolved into a love affair with the written word. I'm so grateful for your eyeballs each week reading through my musings on all things career purpose. My wish has been to grow my writing to reach audiences on a bigger scale and have my articles published on larger platforms.

Today, I'm happy to share -- I have been published!

You can catch my article over at Ivy Exec; Choose the Job, Don't Let it Choose You. I disclose the common pitfalls of jumping into any job without knowing what you truly want. I offer 9 powerful questions you can ask yourself to shift into making a more confident decision.

Please chime in and share & comment on the post. The more traction it gets is the more visible the article is!

Ivy Exec is a career development website where professionals can go to elevate their career path. I love this site because it's much more than a job board. It is a portal that offers access to webinars, mentors, and insightful articles with need-to-know information to grow your happiness and success in your career.

My writing goals are to continue getting published articles out there in a major way! Thank you as always for your support!

With love,