Career Synchronicities: A Real Client Story

Life gets really interesting once you start paying attention to what’s going on around you. Ordinary moments take on new meaning as the dots start to connect and random events don’t seem so well, random.

Oftentimes, I get stories in from my clients about happy coincidences; serendipitous events that seem to happen out of nowhere yet are perfectly aligned with the work they are doing to change their lives and careers.

Like I tell all of my clients when they sign up to work with me, once you’re ready and doing the work to making changes in your life, that’s when sh*t gets real and things start to happen around you. I see it all the time with my clients and honestly I get a kick out of hearing the stories. It’s a great reminder that something good out there has got your back and life is on your side.

This story comes in from my client Darcy of Darcy Rogers Photography. Darcy had been looking for studio space to work and build her portfolio. After months of searching and not finding a space, here’s what happened when the Universe stepped in and supported her goals.

With permission from Darcy, I share her story here. 

As you know, finding a studio was important to me.  I have been on the hunt, but have not found anything that was the right fit.  

I had a shoot last week with an emerging musician who needed publicity shots. I had shot a house in my neighborhood that had a very vintage, antique feel and asked the owner about doing the shoot there.  She said yes.  We did the shoot on Thursday.  As we were packing up and leaving, the owner, said to me, "Darcy, no one ever uses this middle floor so you might as well use it as your studio space."  I was blown away because I hadn't even asked or thought to ask to use it as a studio space!  It is a beautiful spot and I feel so grateful to be able to use it!  Honestly, it made me feel supported by the universe.  

I am starting off doing some lighting tests to help me strengthen those skills and plan to build a new portfolio of images!  I wanted to share this story with you as you have been such a huge help in my growth this past year :). 

Can you think of a time where you felt supported by the Universe in your career or business? Tell about a happy coincidence you’ve had.  Share your comments below!

Photo by Darcy Rogers