3 journaling prompts to connect the dots of your purpose

Someone called me a ‘writer’ in an email the other day. My eyes lingered on that word for a moment as I read it, simultaneously feeling like a layer of myself had been revealed for the world to see. I never claimed to be a writer but somehow this person saw it in me.

I’ve always found that written words always seemed to convey my thoughts better than my voice could. As a child, I always enjoyed reading and writing.  Never, really thought much of it; I just knew that any blank sheet of paper or white wall for that matter was fair game. Now, fast forward 25 years later, I still get that giddy feeling I had as a child whenever I open up to a fresh sheet of paper in my notebook. I’ll even go as far as to awkwardly say, I love the smell of fresh paper and take pleasure in running my fingers across the page with excitement and readiness.

It took me years to notice this subtle but very telling trait about me. Now it’s your turn to uncover what brings you joy and giddiness.

We can start right here with these 3 questions:


1. When I was a kid, I used to enjoy ________________________ because it made me feel _________________. I don't do it anymore because ______________________.


2. The most important lesson that I learned or challenge that I overcame in my life was when ______________________.This lesson or challenge has made me better able to ______________________.


3. A time in my life where I felt my absolute best was when I ______________________. When I think about bringing this feeling back into my life, I see myself _______________________.

As a matter of fact, I’d like you to journal your response to the above questions and get your juices flowing through the written word. Writing has an uncanny ability to funnel all of the thoughts floating around in your head and bring them out into the open, right onto the page. Your job while writing is to be uncensored and honest; no one will see this but you. Write down everything that comes to mind no matter how silly or impossible it sounds. We’re not here to be logical and rational, we’re here to let our inner muse speak to us from the page.


There are some things to look out for when you engage in this writing exercise.  You might meet with resistance in the form of procrastination, second-guessing, questioning yourself or choosing to do something more “productive”. When doing this kind of inner work and the dormant thoughts and dreams resurface, it’s normal to feel a little conflicted. Notice if these things come up for you and press on.

So, grab a notebook, turn to a blank sheet of paper, give the page a little sniff. Just kidding! Take 3 deep breaths and put your pen to paper. Don’t stop until you feel emptied. Trust your words and trust the process.

What did your answers reveal to you? What did you notice as you went through the questions? What do you see as a next possible step in learning more about your joy and purpose?

Keep me posted on how it goes ariane@arianehunter.com.

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