The Power of Pause; an unconventional tool to eliminate negative self-talk


So simple. So effective. So powerful.

But what is it?

You ever find yourself in a whirlwind of self-talk that just will not stop? In just a moment of time you’ve taken yourself down a rabbit hole filled with incessant mind chatter, pulling you farther and deeper away from the present reality. It can leave you feeling paralyzed, indecisive, and downright lousy.

Usually the kind of self-talk we engage in is pointless; it does not serve us and it get’s us no where. When we actually listen to the sabotaging words swirling around in our minds like a big ‘ol wordle cloud, we then start to see just how much damage is being done. It’s actually pretty amazing how lightening fast self-talk can filter in right after we have a brilliant idea or moment of clarity. It can look a little some thing like this:

In an interview:

You: “My time management skills are excellent and I'm organized, efficient, and take pride in excelling at my work.”

Self-talk: “That came out reaaally dumb. Why did you say that? Maybe you should say something else. The interviewer is not impressed. They’re never going to hire you. Don’t expect a call back.” 

We’ve all been there. Some of us vacation in the land of self-sabotage and many of us live there 24/7. Can I get an amen?

Imagine for a moment that when you feel yourself being whisked away by all the self-talk, you simply said to yourself: “PAUSE”.  PAUSE injects a silent space that allows you to tune into your body and interrupt the pattern of distracting thoughts. It is a conscious decisive action that you can take in the moment, in real time that can bring you back to the present moment and back in your power. 

Three things happen when you PAUSE:

  1. You become less reactive to your thoughts

  2. You elevate your consciousness, bringing awareness within your body

  3. Get back in control of your thoughts instead of the other way around

When you’re self-sabotaging thoughts get the best of you, bring in the silent power of PAUSE. The subtle yet powerful shifts you’ll experience will amaze you. Try it this week!

Keep me posted on how it goes…

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