What's Draining You? 11 Energy Leaks in your career

What is energy?

Dictionary.com describes it as: “the capacity for vigorous activity; available power.”

Available power. Here’s what comes to mind when I hear “available power”. Take a look at this screenshot of mister Jax.

Isn’t he cute?! Ok, so he has nothing to do with the point I’m about to make. Where was I?

Take a look at the upper right side of the screenshot at the battery power. It reads: 56%. That is how much available power is in my phone right now.

A phone is built to handle all of our communication and connection needs. For example, 15-minute phone calls with friends, 15-minutes on Facebook, 10-minutes texting, 15-minutes checking emails, and 5-minutes looking up something on the Internet. Not to mention programs running in the background that drain battery power.

What about your available power?

Think of yourself as an iPhone.  So what might be draining you? Here’s what I found to be the top 11 energy leaks that could be depleting your ‘available power’ in your career:

Career Energy Leaks:

  1. Thinking about what you’d much rather be doing than what you’re actually doing in your career.
  2. Engaging in negative talk and complaining about your job with coworkers, friends, family.
  3. “Weighing your options” about a career decision and not actually making a decision.
  4. Fearing the thought of leaving your job and choosing to stay out of comfort.
  5. Coping with current salary while wishing for higher pay.
  6. Working with a sour boss/manager/co-worker.
  7. Comparing self to others who you think are more “successful” than you.
  8. Being in an irritable mood on Sunday evenings while prepping for the workweek ahead.
  9. Counting down the workweek until Friday and the weekend
  10. Worrying about job performance without clarity on what you’re doing well and guidance on how to improve.
  11. Dreading the thought of sending out your resume and interviewing.

Recognize where you might be expending your energy when it comes to your career. As infinite as your available power is, it is also precious; it is the source of your brilliance, creativity, and potential. When these energies are being blocked or channeled in unfulfilling ways, it’s easy to feel drained physically, mentally, and emotionally. Take a look at what activities feel energetically draining to you. How can you begin to recharge your available power? 

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