The Proofs in the Pudding; clear evidence that points to your purpose

Last week I was dining with a dear friend of mine. She and I have been friends for a long time and she is in an exciting transition mostly in her career as she explores what she truly loves.  And she’s also evolving as a person gaining clarity on her sense of self while peeling back the layers in discovering her truth.

As our conversation flowed over a glass of wine, my friend asked me how I made the transition into career coaching? What she really was asking was that coming from corporate, how was I able to make the switch into entrepreneurship to this particular field. It was a fair question and I want to share my answer here. 

I’ve always felt this huge electrical surge course through my body whenever I’m talking with someone about seeing their own power and potential.  When I was in my 20s, I had close friendships with women who were smart, down-to-earth, loved to have fun, hilariously funny, had high hopes ambitions, and were beautiful inside and out. However, these women often found themselves in troubling relationships with men; men who were either emotionally, physically abusive, or both.  It was particularly devastating to see my friends, smart, capable women, practically lose themselves in order to receive love from their men. Seeing their sadness and how being in an unhealthy relationship was affecting their confidence went against everything I believed in about why we are put on this earth.

Everything about it went against my values and it triggered me like nothing else could.

Elements of this belief can be found woven in the work that I have gone on to do in my life; photography and now career coaching. With photography, my aim was to shoot women in a way that captures their true beauty from within. To get them to see themselves as perfectly whole and showcase their inner light  as the thing that makes them beautiful. And now as a career coach, my work tells the story of empowering women to step fully into doing purposeful work and reveal their greatness. Because if you’re going to lose yourself in something, let it be for something that builds you up, not breaks you down.

And so I say to you, first find out what your values are because this will be the defining piece that connects you to what you’re really passionate about. You find it through experiences that either have challenged or supported your belief systems. Think about a time where you felt expansive and the freedom to speak up or take action. Also, notice what situations or events in your life seem to happen often. Notice the pattern of the types of people you most often attract in your life. Notice the feelings that seem to be triggered by certain people or events. What are they telling you? What are they showing you about what you value or believe in? Where else in your life can you find those beliefs or values being practiced?

The clues are there.  Slow down & take notice.

Keep me posted on how it goes

Photo credit: Steven DaLuz