8 Ways for Dealing With Uncertainty

Leap and the net will appear.

Ok, so we’ve taken the leap. Now what? Where’s that pesky net? Any day now, we wait for the net to appear and wonder if it ever will before we come crashing down to the ground.

The space between leaping and landing is Uncertainty. Those moments when you wonder:

  • What if I made the wrong decision?
  • How will the bills get paid this month?
  • Will I have to go back to my old job?
  • Will I get kicked out of my apartment, have to sell all my things, and move back in with my parents?
  • How will this all work out?

And the more time you spend in that space is the worse Uncertainty can get. We dwell on the worse case scenario almost like it’s a full time job. Every thought we conceive of seems to be that of fear which terrorizes and paralyzes us. We stay suspended in the realm of the unknown and uncertainty consumes us.

You ever wonder why our first reaction to Uncertainty is usually a negative one? Why is that our minds automatically jump to the worse possible outcome rather than a positive one? How did we get caught up in this train of thinking? It’s much easier for us to believe that something won’t work out for us than it is to believe that it will. We see this not only in our careers but also in our relationships; and in the way we treat and communicate with each other. Why is that?  And what can we do about it?

Here’s how I see it. Uncertainty is natural part our lives. As much as we try to avoid it, is the more it follows us. And perhaps, this is the way we learn our greatest lesson in dealing with uncertainty.

When caught in the unrelenting grips of Uncertainty, I invite you to work through it in the following ways:

Write out worst case scenario.Bring the fears out of your head and onto the page by actively writing them out. Bringing them out into the open allows you to see them clearly, understand where they come from, and lessen it’s power over you. 

Ask yourself, ‘Is it real. Is it true?’ Take a look at what you've written for the worst case scenario. Is it real? Is it true? Although it may feel real and frightening, shift focus by challenging the validity and the likelihood that the worse will come true.

Write out the best case scenario.Write your ideal outcome or the successful result that gets you excited. Give yourself permission to see yourself succeeding. Allow your mind to shift into focusing on positive outcomes and capture this vision on paper. Be as detailed and descriptive as you like!

Write out your response to ‘what if I do nothing?’. If you are afraid to make a decision because you are uncertain about it, what would happen if you did nothing? Would you stay stuck? Would you be ok with not knowing? If you are already in a situation of uncertainty, what would happen if you did nothing? Would the situation persist? Would it somehow resolve itself?

Ask yourself, ‘what is in my power to change in this situation?’By looking at what you can do in the situation, you see the areas which you do have control over.  It could be your attitude, available resources, your strategy, your plans, etc.

List out what you know for certain and what remains uncertain. You will find that you are more certain of a situation than you think. And for the elements that remain uncertain, ask yourself what you can do to find the answers. This puts you back in your power and into action to gain clarity.  

Ask yourself, ‘how would I recover?’ Resilience is the key when it comes to navigating uncertainty. When you have a clear plan of how you would recover to foreseeable challenges, your confidence grows. 

Eat Uncertainty for breakfast.We are never going to be rid of uncertainty. It runs the gamut in every area of our lives. Learn to be comfortable with it, embrace it, and swallow it whole. Yum!

In what ways are you dealing with uncertainty in your career or business? What have you found helps you get through it? Share your comments!

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