Notes on Being Courageous

The other day a client asked me during session, ‘what does courageous mean to you?’ Hearing the question gave me pause because to be quite honest, when do we ever get asked that question and the opportunity to give a real answer.

I want to share with you how I responded in hopes that it will inspire you to answer that question for yourself.

What does courageous mean to me? 

  • Being able to make difficult decisions when it would be easier to just not decide.
  • Being able to trust even when you have no way of knowing if everything will work out.
  • Being able to let go of control when it would be easier to just do things your way.
  • Being able to let go of expected outcomes and consider new possibilities.
  • Courageous means being authentic especially when it could mean being rejected.
  • Being courageous means showing up in your own truth even when it goes against everything you’ve been told.
  • Disagreeing and saying no when the majority says yes.
  • Being vulnerable when pretending would be safer.
  • Trusting uncertainty even though knowing would make us way more comfortable.
  • Leaning into fear. Choosing to not be identified by them. Acknowledging and recognizing your fears for what they are as the stories we tell ourselves.
  • Being courageous is choosing in each moment to be courageous.
  • Choosing what you want and choosing what you don’t want rather than letting it choose you.
  • Standing for what you believe in is courageous. 

Notice that most of my answers describes courage as a way of being. It doesn’t come from what you do necessarily, it comes from who you are being. You don’t say when I leave my job then I’ll be courageous. You don’t say when I speak up and share my ideas openly in a group then I’ll be courageous. You don’t say when I move across the country to pursue work I love then I’ll be courageous.


Courageous is what you decide to be first, then you act from that place. You go straight to the being and the doing flows naturally from there.

Now, same question goes for you:

What does courageous mean to you?

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